Vivien Lee

Portrait: Vivien Lee
Senior Immigration Consultant
Notary Public, British Columbia

Competence, Compassion, Wisdom

Vivien Lee is the Senior Immigration Consultant at Lowe & Company and an invaluable part of our firm since our founding in 1990. She is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and a member of the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia and the British Columbia Notaries Association. She is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

“Sometimes handling an immigration file is like carrying a child; months of anticipation, some fears, but in the end tremendous joy! And it’s a privilege to walk with our clients through their Journey to Canada!”

Vivien’s deep knowledge and experience in Canadian immigration matters, along with her cross-cultural sensitivity and fluency in English and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), has enabled her to serve a wide range of individuals and families across diverse ethnic, religious, and professional backgrounds. Family sponsorships, Religious Workers, International Students, Skilled Workers, Business Immigrants, even movie stars count among her clientele. She has been featured on TV, radio, and other media both locally and nationally.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Vivien has taught the Family Class Immigration and Citizenship Law courses for the UBC Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures (CILPP) program offered through the University of British Columbia’s Extended Learning Division from 2017 to 2020.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
  • The Society of Notaries Public of BC
  • The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants
  • Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Client Successes

  • Successfully obtained Owner Operator LMIA within 10 business days, amid COVID19 pandemic.
  • Submitted written appeal to Visa Office overseas to reopen a refused Family Class application and successfully obtained permanent residence for the client based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.
  • Submitted application for a 3-times refused applicant, with no significant ties to home country, and successfully obtained Visa for the applicant to be reunited with family members in Canada.
  • Submitted application for a 4-times refused applicant, with no significant ties to home country, to successfully obtain Visa for the applicant and the applicant’s dependent child.
  • Submitted written appeal to IN-Canada CIC office to grant permanent residence status to an autistic child whose mother (the Principal Applicant) suddenly passed away before the application was finalized. Successfully obtained permanent residence for the child based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.
  • Submitted written appeal to Visa Office overseas to reopen a refused over-aged dependent child’s application and successfully obtained permanent residence for the child based on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

Seminars / Courses Taught

Family Class Immigration

  • “Family Class Immigration” & “Canadian Citizenship”: UBC – CILPP
  • “Immigration & Sponsorship; Documentary: Violence Against Women”: People’s Law School

Skilled Workers and International Students

  • “Immigration for International Students”: FOCUS group at Simon Fraser University
  • “Canadian Immigration: International Students Alert!”: Quanta Sphere, for UBC students
  • “Federal Skilled Worker &Canadian Experience Class”: Vancouver Courier Newspaper.
  • “Recent Changes to Immigration Law”: (Mandarin): Fairchild Television- Expert Hour
  • “Recent Changes to Immigration Law: Living Q&A”: (Mandarin): Fairchild Radio
  • “Challenges Faced by Foreign Workers”: Interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Religious Worker Immigration

  • “Religious Worker Immigration”: CAPIC
  • “Nuts & Bolts to Immigration for Religious Workers: CCCC
  • “Canadian Immigration and Citizenship” (Mandarin): Chinese Christian Missions

Business Immigration

  • “Business Immigration” (Mandarin): Asia Pacific Exposition


Thank you so much, Vivien for all your hard work towards our work permit application.

After leaving Ontario, CA, when we reached the gate in Denver, CO, for our connection, the attendant approached us and asked if we were the Walker party of 6, he then asked why we were travelling to Canada. He also asked to see the job offer and our quarantine plan, he told us that he would have to call Canada, and he did. Over the phone he had to provide Passport information for us and answered affirmative that we had a quarantine plan and a job offer. Upon hanging up the phone, it was at that time that we were allowed to proceed, he took our temperatures, and we were able to enter the aircraft. We did watch someone else who was turned away at the gate and could not board the plane, by the same attendant.

When we arrived at Calgary we were asked if we had filled out the form on the ArriveCan app which is the form that you helped me to fill out last Thursday via zoom. This was beneficial to us because we were able to pass through with ease and into a shorter line. We were asked to show this confirmation code approximately 3 different times in the airport to different agents. After we provided our information to the Health Services, we proceeded to the Border crossing.

When we arrived at the border, we told the agent that we were applying for work permit and presented the documents that you provided us, and we were asked to take a seat. We waited for approximately 1 hour during the entire process, at one point the agent who was working our case walked over to ask why we had provided a medical exam. He said that this was not typical for people who travel from the USA, but he later explained that because of the medical exam our list of restrictions was quite shorter than most work permits.

When our name was finally called, our work permits were already printed and ready for us. The agent complimented how well our packet was presented and put together by you!

Thank You Vivien! You made the process so easy for us! And we were approved.

The Walker Family, Ontario, California, USA

Vivien is wonderful to work with. She is precise, attentive to detail in all her cases, highly knowledgeable in Immigration law, and works miracles in helping our non-profit obtain qualified personnel that we cannot find locally. Her wisdom and accuracy have given her a 100% success rate with our cases, and I wish she handles more than just Immigration Law so we could hire her for all of our legal needs. She is always looking for what is best for her clients and makes sure her cases are handled cleanly. She always explains everything to us and to the employees to make sure that all the details they need to know are covered, so there is no confusion. I highly recommend her as the best Immigration Consultant in the Lower Mainland.

Wendy Goubej, Operations Manager, ADMI, 150 Mile House, BC

Vivien, Sharona & Doris: We’d like to thank you all again for your super assistance in getting Riza into Canada. We’re grateful for your hearts that truly want to serve us, and your amazing insight and experience.

I think calling you guys “professional” or “ethical” would be an understatement, having seen & experienced the type of service you guys give. You truly are an authority in the Canadian Immigration world, a God-send to many families.

Daniel and Riza Anggara

Vivien was recommended to me by a friend who applied for Canadian Permanent Residency. She is very professional, and also very knowledgeable and experienced in Immigration Laws.

I was outside of Canada during my immigration application and Vivien helped to ensure that the whole process ran smoothly and without any issues, even with the sometimes hectic time lines for getting certain documents in order.

Vivien helped my wife and I every step of the way, guiding, advising, and giving us the peace of mind, we needed in our application. She was always just an email away providing answers quickly the moment we asked any questions.

Vivien was thoughtful and thorough, always a few steps ahead and able to anticipate any issues before they became a problem. I can say without a doubt that I am so very pleased that we enlisted her on our great quest and, can see after going through the process that if we had done it on our own it would have been so much more difficult.

I am very happy Vivien helped me obtain my Canadian residency status. My experience with Vivien was extremely positive and she is very pleasant to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs immigration advice or requires the services of an exceptional Canadian immigration specialist.

Chris Britchford

We want to thank you, Vivien Lee, for your excellent service in helping us to become permanent residents of Canada. From day one you took up our case as our representative you have shown your dedication in your assignment. As an immigration consultant, you have not only been very professional and responsible in handling matters pertaining to our case, you have also been very passionate and personal toward us especially during times when we were anxious about the unpredictable situation.

Due to certain situations in our case, we ourselves were at times discouraged and almost gave up hope. But you took the trouble to locate us and called us all the way in Malaysia just to encourage us. We must say your firm is very fortunate to have an excellent and outstanding consultant like you. You have gone through many difficulties and challenges in helping us and we know it had not been easy for you. You started off with us as our consultant but now, to us, you are more than our consultant, you are a helpful friend. We are so thankful to you for all that you have done for us.

Vivien, thank you once again. You will never be forgotten by our family. We wish you all the best, we love you and you will be in our prayers.

Pastor Sitoh, Malaysia

Big thanks to Vivien & Doris, who helped me to get my PR card!! My case was not easy but Vivien Lee, the Senior Immigration Consultant, was very professional and kept me updated on my application status and she answered my questions in detail. Doris, the legal assistant, carefully reviewed all my documents, and also helped a lot with my application. They have my highest recommendations, if you have any immigration issues, you should contact them.

Vanessa S.

Vivien Lee, Senior Immigration Consultant at Lowe & Company, Immigration and Business Lawyers, helped me and my family to become Permanent Residents in Canada. Her work was totally professional, and she managed my case with honesty, integrity, dedication, and attention to details, which I am sure, she provides to all her clients.

She has a great personality which made us feel completely comfortable and provided us with the confidence we needed to make this big step in our lives. In conclusion, Vivien is a result-oriented professional with full knowledge in the field and the best Immigration Consultant I could ever have hired. Thank you, Vivien!”

Joe Trigos

Vivien was instrumental in my PR application. She is very knowledgeable and up-to-date with immigration laws. Her expertise helped me navigate the process efficiently. Detail-oriented, quick to respond, and personable, she strives for the best for her clients.

Vernon Lee

Nothing can explain the way I felt when I first walked into Lowe and Company. I was tired, frustrated and that was my last stop before deciding to leave my childhood dream of living in this beautiful country, Canada. All my life I had dreamed about living in Canada and I was about to shut the door, it was actually shutting. I did not think there was any other way for me to live out my dream.

I had gotten plenty of advice from different friends, and legal advisors. Some of the legal advice I had paid money for, to help me with my immigration application, but I believe they got busy and they forgot about my file. It was a tough time in my life. I had many sleepless nights thinking about how I would restart my life and how was I ever going start to dream again. The night before deciding to move back to Uganda, I was surfing a newspaper site and I saw a Lowe and Company advertisement. I mentioned it to my mother over the phone as I was telling her about me closing up shop and getting ready to fly home. My mother over the phone from Uganda greatly encouraged me to give it one more try and then leave to go home to Uganda as I had already decided in my mind.

I called Lowe and Company and they picked up and I made an appointment in obedience to my mother. After all the money I had spent, with all the skepticism in immigration lawyers, I went to their offices for a consultation. From the entrance there was a peace that came over me and it was followed by the solid Lowe and Company handshake of Vivien Lee. I presented my terrible circumstance before Vivien Lee. After presenting what I saw as a dead-end file, with all the obstacles that I saw disqualify me, I felt no human kind can change. Vivien Lee and the Lowe and Company team saw something different. They saw all the possibilities and all the things that qualified me as a good candidate.

Vivien Lee took my file and we started on the application. She and her team walked with me every step of the way. I was finally able to sleep at night like the rest of the world. Everything that was needed, a team member (Akiko) would call me and let me know. They knew their stuff and they were on top of it. Even though they have other clients, I felt like I was the only client they had. I came in with many questions and they were happy to provide answers. Every time I walked into their office for a meeting, I did not feel like a client, I felt like a friend walking into their office. We applied for work permit and they walked with me all the way to landed immigrant status.

Thank you, Vivien Lee and Lowe & Company. I am the new landed immigrant!

Alpha Bugembe, Uganda

My relationship with Vivien Lee and Lowe & Company is ten years old when I started my immigration process. My application did not fit to get the positive assessment but Vivien guided me through all the way of educational and career development which favored my application. I got my permanent residence status. During this long time she saved my file from all changes in immigration laws.

Vivien and her team are one of those few people in my life who protected my best interests through their outstanding professionalism, personal dedication and thorough understanding.

I am deeply grateful to Vivien and her best team. Thank you!!!!


I am grateful for getting the chance to work with Vivien as an Immigration law specialist and Immigration Consultant. She was a great guide for my family as we pursued our permanent residency status in Canada. Thanks to her, we have received our status as Permanent Residents. Vivien is the consummate professional. She is great with details, a hard worker, and conducts herself with integrity. She was wonderful about quickly answering our questions or concerns throughout the whole process. She was a joy to work with, and I cannot recommend her more for your immigration needs. Thanks for everything, Vivien!

B. Flory

It has been a real pleasure working together with Vivien and her team during my immigration process. Right from our initial phone consultation about 1 1/2 years ago I knew that this was the right path to go in asking you for professional support to realize my dream. I was impressed how detailed and professional my case was prepared in every little aspect and would recommend your service to everybody who needs legal support.

Once again, thank you very much for all your help!

C.Fischer (BC PNP – Strategic Occupation)

In January 2006, my wife and I decided to move to Vancouver, BC in Canada. After a fairly extensive online research, we opted to go with Lowe and Company. The first consultation we had with them was through Jeffrey Lowe. He was very kind and immediately we could tell he knew what he was talking about not only in terms of immigration but in terms of employment and business opportunities as well, something I believe is a great asset, especially if you are moving without having a job offer, which was our case. Soon after the consultation two wonderful people were assigned to our case, Vivien and her assistant Doris. They were very professional, they demonstrated to have a great deal of confidence, knowledge, and ethics. The one thing we liked the most about Vivien and Doris is that they addressed our case in a personal manner. Even though we knew they had many other clients, we always felt we were the only ones. Both, Vivien and Doris were always on top of our case and ready to answer every single question or concern that we had along the process. If we needed to choose again, we would not hesitate to use their services again. Thank you very much, Vivien, Doris and Lowe and Company.

Mauricio and Ingrid, MEXICO (Federal Skilled Workers)

It has been a blessing to work with Vivien Lee through my application process for a Work Permit and eventually my Permanent Residence. From day one, Vivien has been very thorough and helpful with answering my questions and calming my doubts and worries about the immigration process. She and her team were diligent with communicating to me and keeping me informed regularly about the status of my application and about new immigration regulations that could affect me. I truly believe my application approvals happened much quicker than I expected because of the good standing Vivien and her team possessed, along with their diligence, integrity, wealth of knowledge and confidence. She took a whole load of stress off my mind, considering immigration can be such a long, tiring process! There’s no question that you are in good hands with Lowe & Company!

A. Li (Work Permit & Federal Skilled Worker)

Dear Vivien

I write to thank you for the excellent services you provided in assisting us with Marcus’ immigration to Canada.

Your knowledge of the law in the area of immigration was so reassuring to us and we found your work to be exceptional. The attention to detail by you and your team was no doubt the reason our application was successful. We loved working with you and took comfort in your exceptional advocacy skills. I consider your work to be of the highest quality and I am always eager to recommend your services to friends and family in need of assistance.

Thank you once again for being our advocate while we navigated the tricky waters of Marcus’ immigration. We are so very grateful.

Yours truly,
Lindsay E.W. Barrett
Barrister & Solicitor

Lindsay E.W. Barrett, Barrister & Solicitor

As a writer of literature, I don’t fit the standard categories for an application for permanent residence. So, I owe my acceptance into Canada to Lowe & Company, and in particular to Vivien Lee — her knowledge, experience, creative thinking and clear direction as well as her empathy, reassurance and concern. Although she made it clear to me all along that there were no guarantees, I believed I could trust her map through unknown territory and follow her guidance with peace of mind. My gratitude goes as well to Doris Tong for her kindness and gracious assistance, and to everyone at Lowe & Company who participates in their collaborative process. They brought me home. I could never have done it by myself. If you are looking for help finding your place in this good country, your search is over.

Jody Aliesan, formerly USA (NAFTA Investor Work Permit & Federal Skilled Worker)

It would be a privilege to recommend using the professional services of Vivien Lee to anyone who wishes to make an application for immigration and residency in Canada.

Living in Scotland I had no idea of the complexities of such an application and Vivien was able to explain in detail what was required with a high level of professionalism and candour. She was able to suppress my fears and apprehension about the whole procedure – from beginning to end – and take the whole process through to a successful conclusion.

Her commitment to her job is commendable and my wife and I would not hesitate using her services in the future if required.

Norman Bell, Scotland, UK (Family/Spousal)

I have nothing but heartfelt appreciation for Vivien Lee’s assistance in my immigration process to Canada. I have been through all the uncertainty that every immigrant faces during application (i.e. the painful wait period of approval or rejection!); I know what it is like to feel like my life is on hold. Vivien and her assistant Doris Tong, went above and beyond their professional duty; they gave me caring and reliable service. Their presence and support during this uncertain time made my life easier. My paperwork was filed on time, communications were always prompt and my questions were always answered. My application was successful, after barely 5 months of waiting. If there’s a job in this world where you can really make a difference in other people’s lives, theirs would be it. Because of them, I have a new life in Canada.

S. Yu (Family/Spousal)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vivien Lee and Doris Tong in their handling of my wife’s immigration to Canada. I found the team of Vivien and Doris to be very professional and well organized. Throughout the immigration process, I was aware of the next step and had full confidence in their abilities. Thank you very much.

Angela and Randy MacDonald (Family/Spousal)

“I had a very good experience working with Lowe & Company. Vivien Lee was extremely thorough and prevented me from having any unpleasant surprises.

While I was sometimes exhausted by how much I had to do for her to make sure my case was solid, I was glad for her assiduousness. She helped expedite the handling of my immigration visa, and wrote a glowing letter of recommendation on my behalf which helped exempt me from an immigration interview. I had a complicated case that was very time-sensitive, and she handled it with skill and professionalism, and the highest degree of accuracy I have seen anywhere.

She was patient with me when I had my doubts about whether I even wanted to finish going through this difficult process. She was always cheerful and agreeable, and her friendly reminders kept me on track to complete my side of it in time. I am grateful for everything Vivien Lee and her secretary, Doris, did for me and would recommend Lowe & Company to friends.”

RP, Software Engineer, USA (Federal Skilled Worker)

I used Vivien lee on a recommendation from a fellow consultant. I am pleased to say that all my questions were addresses in a timely manner, my documents were prepared correctly, and any questions answered. The result was a successful Canadian work permit.

MJH, Australia (Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit)

Our experiences with Ms. Vivien Lee of Lowe & Company in Vancouver, BC, have been unlike any other legal work we have ever been involved in.

Ms. Lee actually cares enough about ourselves as individuals, to know how we fit into our company and what the company actually does.

Our industry, for most people is a mystery and because of this they have no idea how to assist us. Ms. Lee actually found out, by asking questions and researching it.

Ms. Lee was able to take care of putting together everything we needed to get our Work Permit renewed, while we were running our business, and all we had to do was get to the Canadian Consulate with all her beautifully put together paperwork at a designated time and location.

Ms. Lee always gets back to her clients without delay. We feel that we are very lucky to have found such a professional to help us with our needs.

K. Moses & J. Haltinner, USA

“In regards to the work of Lowe & Company, especially that of Vivien Lee, Senior Consultant, I am completely satisfied and have only positive things to say. After acquiring and completing all the necessary documents, I applied for my Permanent Resident Status in November and was approved four months later by the Government of Canada. The firm’s costs are very minimal and the quality of Vivien Lee’s work is outstanding. She was always available to answer my questions via telephone or email, treated me as a valued client and my case as very important. Everyone I speak to is amazed at the short amount of time it took to obtain my status, and I credit that to the work of a very skilled consultant. I am so grateful for the firm’s work and will recommend their services to anyone needing assistance of this sort.

Carolyn R. Beiler, USA (Family/Spousal)