Jeffrey S. Lowe

Business & Immigration Lawyer
Chief Inspirational Officer

phone: +1 604-875-9338

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Lawyer

Jeffrey has been a Business and Immigration lawyer in Vancouver, BC since 1983. With degrees in both Law and Business from the University of British Columbia, Jeffrey helps clients come to Canada to invest, work, study and immigrate using both Canadian and Provincial Immigration Programs. He also advises HR Managers and Employers on Foreign Worker strategies, whether for short term Construction Projects or long term employees.

A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do.”

Leroy Eims

Jeffrey is considered an innovator and strategist in the convergence of Business, Technology and the Law. He pioneered immigration strategies such as Owner Operator Work Permits, Free Trade Investor Visas, Provincial Nominee Programs and many others, and has helped businesspeople from over 30 countries invest in and grow businesses in Canada.

A natural Optimist, he sees difficulties and obstacles as challenges. “2 people can look at the same situation and see very different things. Do you see “OPPORTUNITIES NOWHERE”? Or: OPPORTUNITIES NOW HERE”! It’s a matter of perspective, and training yourself to see the world differently!”

As the Chief Inspirational Officer, my role is to Inspire our Team; then our Clients; then other Lawyers and Consultants; and finally Immigration Officials.

Jeffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company. “As the C.I.O., my first role is to Inspire our Team: to BE the best they can BE, then to DO the best they can DO. Next, I want to Inspire our Clients, to realize that they have Options they never knew they had. Thirdly, I want to inspire other Lawyers and Consultants to see their work as more than earning a living, but an integral part in building their clients lives. And finally, to Inspire Immigration officials, and appreciate their role in making Canada a better and safer place!”

Jeffrey has taught Immigration Law, Practice Management and Legal Ethics to lawyers, Immigration consultants, and Professional audiences across Canada since 1990.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Law Society of British Columbia
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Centre for Christian Charities
  • Christian Legal Fellowship

Courses Taught

  • “The Canadian Business Experience Class Proposal”, IMMSeminars, Vancouver
  • C11 Work Permits for Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Businesspeople: Legal Professional Education Network, Toronto
  • IMP Work Permit Options for Business Owners BC Continuing Legal Education Society
  • “Kickstarting the Economy with Immigrant Entrepreneurs”: CBA Northern Alberta, Edmonton
  • Business Immigration Options: Canadian Immigration Podcast
    • Canadian Business Experience Class
    • BC & Ontario Entrepreneur Provincial Nominee Program
  • “Navigating the Business Trenches” CAPIC, Vancouver, BC
  • “Business Immigration outside of MTV”: Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa
  • “Investing into a Business: What immigrants and their Advisors need to know”: IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • “LMIA Owner Operator & Other Business Work Permit Options”: CAPIC, Vancouver, BC
  • “Advising the Business Immigrant”: Ashton College, Vancouver, BC
  • “Entrepreneur & Investor Immigration Summit”: Conference Board of Canada, Toronto
  • “Owner Operator LMIA Work Permits”: CAPIC, Vancouver, BC
  • “Owner Operator LMIAs: The TFWP’s best kept secret”: Canadian Immigration Podcast
  • “Business immigration under the BC PNP”: IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • CBA National Immigration Conference, Vancouver BC
    • “Business Immigration Options: Creative Work Permit strategies”
    • “Investing in Canada for Fun and Profit! Practical Tips for Business Immigrants & their Lawyers”
    • “Advising the Business Immigrant”
    • “Owner Operator LMIA and Express Entry: The new Business Class”?
  • “The new BC Entrepreneur PNP Program”: IMEDA, Vancouver BC


Lowe and Company is made up of smart, highly educated and talented business and immigration lawyers who are knowledgeable and extremely reliable.

Please keep in mind that an immigration application process requires a lot of planning and due diligence which cannot be done alone. When I decided to immigrate to Canada, I planned to complete my immigration application for myself and my family. I thought the process would be easy and would not require any legal consulting. However, along the way I came across many questions, that were not clearly answered. I decided to consult an immigration consultant; but later found out that I was provided with surface information and my questions remained partly answered. I finally decided to consult an immigration lawyer instead and began my search on google.

I came across Jeffrey Lowe’s company and was quite impressed with his profile and services offered. My initial phone meeting was confirmed and Jeffrey was kind enough to understand my concerns. The consultation was about an hour and all my questions were answered and gaps were identified. His knowledge around immigration policies and procedures was thorough and I requested him to help me immigrate with my family to Canada. Within 4 months my application under the PNP category was completed and approved. It has been 12 years since I have immigrated to Canada and until today I consult Jeffrey for general business/corporate services.

I have referred friends and family to Jeffrey, who have also happily immigrated to Canada.

Anisha Nihilani, India/USA

We were returning from our first holiday in Canada. We fell in love with this country. On our flight from Vancouver back to Shanghai, I came across an advertisement from Lowe & Company. It was that moment when I felt that I wanted to get serious about immigrating.
Once landed in Shanghai, I contacted Jeffrey Lowe and from that very first moment onwards, I felt to be in the best hands ever.
Jeffrey and his team helped us over the years to fulfill our dream to immigrate to this wonderful country of Canada that we call now home.
Due to the professions of my wife and myself, we have moved to many countries over the past 30 years. It was therefore a very complex issue to prepare all our immigration documents in a professional manner. Jeffrey and his team helped us step by step to complete all tasks in a flawless manner. We always felt that without the help and assistance of Jeffrey and his colleagues, we would have never managed to overcome the many tasks and challenges. From translations of various languages to communicating with Embassies and consulates around the world, Lowe & Company always helped us complete all necessary work as perfect as can be.
Recently my wife became the first in our family to become a Canadian citizen and we thank Jeffrey and his team from the bottoms of our hearts to have helped us fulfill our dream to settle in the true North.

Wolfgang & Alvina Ruescher, Nanoose Bay, B.C.

I have known Jeffrey and his wonderful team over 7 years now. He was a huge help at the time when I first brought in a business partner into my business. He helped structure the shareholder agreement for us, and consequently became the lawyer for our company, giving advice when it is needed. Not only he is expert in the business law here in BC, Canada, but he is also expert in the immigration law. They have provided lots of legal assistance in helping me expand the immigration business in China. If you are thinking of working with a lawyer and his team, and you are looking for expertise, efficiency, great service, good value. Jeffrey Lowe and his team is the one in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which can provide great service beyond your expectation. Jeffrey, I am very honored and lucky to know you. Thank you!

Angela Qing Peng, China


I was introduced to Jeffrey Lowe in 2012 by a family member who had successfully settled in Canada with his guidance. I met with Jeffrey and his team when I needed clear guidance about my plan to immigrate and do business in Canada. He gave me no wild promises or pies in the sky, just reliable information and an honest assessment of my chances based on years of experience of helping successful immigrants.
Like in many cultures, it seems that relationship networks are more important in Canada to get things done Jeffrey and his team clearly have those resources, relationships and the contacts needed to follow-up you application, explain your own individual difficulties and requirements to defend your position with the authorities. This is very essential when you are coming in from a different country and this is clearly not easy to achieve alone.

The BC PNP Business Program application requires a pile of thorough, detailed information organised in a specific way. I was amazed how already after my first meeting with Jeffrey had understood so much of my own story. Together, using an easy back and forth process, he gently pushed me through to reach a final version on a time scale I would have never managed to hold to, had I been trying to do it alone. The PNP Business Visa Application was approved in a record time of 10 weeks from the time of filing the application with the authorities. FANTASTIC JOB, FANTASTIC SERVICE, FANTASTIC RESULTS!!

There are no words to look for and express my feelings for Jeffrey & his team. My family and I would have never ended up moving to Canada and purchase a successful business only if Lowe & Company was not there for our guidance. We have successfully become Canadian Citizens an immigration journey that began in 2013 with the guidance of Jeffrey.

To find a good immigration consultant is extremely difficult especially the one you can fully trust. In here I strongly recommend Lowe & Company, if you need any kind of immigration advice or guidance, you must consult Jeffrey. Do not miss this precious opportunity as the team can definitely bring you success with immigration matters.

I wish your team and specially you success in business and in your life. Once again, Thank You.

Deepak Mansinghani, India/New Zealand

Jeffrey is a quiet and competent professional who always provides direct, strategic and accurate advice and guidance with unfailing helpings of humility and empathy. A consummate professional who has excelled in his area of expertise.

Abdul WM Souraya, Immigration Lawyer, Calgary

Jeffrey has a wealth of knowledge about immigration law, and he is very generous in sharing it. When I have a question about business immigration law, Jeffrey’s the man!

Leslie H. Morley, Immigration Lawyer, Kingston ON

I moved from India to the USA with my wife and two daughters on an inter-company transfer; within a year, we decided to immigrate to Canada. You want to be able to get it right while making important decisions about your life and the future of your family. I don’t want an incompetent Doctor giving me a wrong health advise. Likewise I did not want poor immigration advice.

Our journey started with Jeff Lowe and team with the first phone call. Jeff and his team arranged to incorporate a Canadian Charity, then obtain a Work Permits, and then Canadian Permanent Residence status. Jeff and his team provided the right advice, documentation and professional response to by changing needs. They understood my culture and urgency of applying for an extension of my Permanent Residency due to a complicated travel schedule between Canada, the USA and India. My pathway to Canadian citizenship was complex but made possible by Jeff and his team.

My wife, both our daughters and I are thriving in Canada today. Asking for help from Lowe & Company was the best thing we did. We have no regrets and highly recommend them to anyone planning to move to Canada.

Rev. Amitabh Singh, India/USA

As a missionary from Africa coming to Canada for the first time, I faced many challenges. Lowe & Company helped sort out my family’s immigration documents with so much assurance.
Lowe & Company was generous in sharing information and ideas that helped me settle down quickly in Canada. I went to Lowe & Company for immigration consultancy, but I walked out with complete information that helped me spiritually, career wise, economically, and socially. Even many years after consulting with Lowe & Company, Jeff has remained a friend to me and to our growing church.

Lowe & Company is profoundly knowledgeable in their field, and their skills are exceptional. I have recommended them to my mission’s leadership, and would still recommend them to anyone in need of immigration services.

Pastor Bayo Adediran, (Nigeria) Pastor, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Vancouver, BC.