BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Program reopens!

After a 1 year pause, the BC PNP Entrepreneur Base Program has reopened to accept new applicants. This Program allows foreign Businesspeople to buy or establish a business anywhere in BC, obtain Work Permits and Study Permits for your family, then later obtain Permanent Residence.

Here is what you need to know:

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BC PNP Skilled Worker Update

On 10 March 2022, the BC PNP made important updates to its Skills Immigration program. This includes its publication of a new Skills Immigration Program Guide effective since 10 March 2022. At a meeting with the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Section on 5 April 2022, the BC PNP indicated that there will be additional updates to the Skills Immigration Program Guide over the coming weeks and months.

Key updates to the BC PNP’s Skills Immigration program include:

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IRCC is Requesting More Information for My Immigration Application. Should I be Concerned?

Every person who applies for a Canadian immigration matter has a good chance of receiving a request for additional information at some point in their interaction with Canadian authorities. A request for additional information, also known as a Procedural Fairness Letter (“PFL”), is generally very time sensitive and is a serious matter that needs to be carefully considered when received. Failure to adequately respond to a PFL may result in the loss of what may be the only opportunity to address a problem with an application prior to the refusal of that application. Even the most carefully prepared application may still be subject to a PFL.

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Canada Eases Travel Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated Travellers

On September 7, 2021, Canada lifted a major restriction for travel to Canada for fully vaccinated foreign nationals.  Fully vaccinated foreign nationals are now exempt from the general ban on optional and discretionary travel to Canada.  This means that fully vaccinated foreign nationals can now seek entry to Canada to visit family or explore the country as a tourist.  The requirement to quarantine on entry to Canada was removed for fully vaccinated persons on 5 July 2021.  All other visa requirements for travel to Canada and some COVID-19 testing requirements remain in effect however.

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Canadian Business Immigration – Part 1

Our Canadian Immigration Lawyer Jeffrey Lowe joined Mark Holthe on the Canadian Immigration Podcast  to shed some light on some of the best business immigration options available for entrepreneurs and like-minded foreign nationals who are looking to invest in Canada and secure permanent resident status in the process.

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