R.M. Finch (美国)

I cannot say enough about Jeffrey and his team’s professionalism, knowledge and understanding of Canadian immigration law. I recently discovered that I had lost my citizenship by virtue of marriage and immigration to the United States and was, in point of fact, stateless. I was part of that class sometimes referred to as “the Lost Canadians.”

Jeffrey took on my case without question or reservation. He and his team — Rita, Akiko, and Mariam — worked tirelessly as my advocate and confidante. As technical hurdles arose, they dealt with them quickly and efficiently. They acted as sword and shield in dealing with Canadian Immigration authorities, making a process that seemed at times impossible, possible. Because of their work, I am once again a Canadian. And for that, I am in their debt.

The way Jeffrey and his team handled my situation speaks to their skill in the field. It cannot, however, convey the compassion and caring with which they embraced me and my case. For them, it became personal. And for that, they have my unmitigated respect and thanks.