Michael Finch(美国)

As a member of the film industry, it recently came to my attention that there were certain potential tax and financing benefits associated with the production of a film I wrote that was to be shot in Canada. As an American, however, I rendered the otherwise all Canadian production ineligible for certain credits. The production was in peril.

Being vaguely aware of changes to the Canadian Immigration Act that came into effect on April 17, 2009, and based on the fact that my mother was a Canadian citizen, I reached out to Jeffrey Lowe. He listened, understood — I believe he has a brother in film — and took it upon himself to assist me in acquiring my citizenship certificate and passport.

His team was thorough, professional, and moved with the speed necessary to get me the documents required to facilitate funding for the film. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jeffrey and his team to anyone in need of Canadian-American cross-border immigration council.