You can learn a great deal about immigration to Canada by exploring our website, but what does it all mean for your specific situation? Which route works best for you? A detailed discussion with a Lowe & Company immigration expert — in person or over the phone — will give you the answers you need.

What You Need to Provide

Your time is valuable. That’s why we ask you to provide detailed information prior to your consultation. Your passport information, education, work or business experience, family composition and ties to Canada can all influence your immigration strategy.

What to Expect

Like many of our clients, you will likely qualify for several immigration options. Each will have different requirements, conditions, processing times and costs. We will review your background in detail and ask you questions which you may not have thought of. In fact, you may not even think them relevant, at first. We will then explore your objectives, including timing, business, and personal factors. Only after we fully understand your qualifications and goals will we recommend the best course of action.

During the consultation, we will sometimes give you copies of immigration regulations, policies, articles or customized immigration roadmaps for you to review and digest. At the end of the consultation, we want you to be as informed as you can be about the timing, chances of success and costs of each option.

Book your personal consultation now by email at, by phone at 1 (604) 875-9338 or by clicking here. We look forward to meeting you!