Jody Aliesan (formerly USA)


As a writer of literature, I don’t fit the standard categories for an application for permanent residence. So I owe my acceptance into Canada to Lowe & Company, and in particular to Vivien Lee — her knowledge, experience, creative thinking and clear direction as well as her empathy, reassurance and concern. Although she made it clear to me all along that there were no guarantees, I believed I could trust her map through unknown territory and follow her guidance with peace of mind.

My gratitude goes as well to Doris Tong for her kindness and gracious assistance, and to everyone at Lowe & Company who participates in their collaborative process. They brought me home. I could never have done it by myself. If you are looking for help finding your place in this good country, your search is over.

A. Li (Singapore)


It has been a blessing to work with Vivien Lee through my application process for a work permit and eventually my permanent residence. From day one, Vivien has been very thorough and helpful with answering my questions and calming my doubts and worries about the immigration process. She and her team were diligent with communicating to me and keeping me informed regularly about the status of my application and about new immigration regulations that could affect me.

I truly believe my application approvals happened much quicker than I expected because of the good standing Vivien and her team possessed, along with their diligence, integrity, wealth of knowledge and confidence. She took a whole load of stress off my mind, considering immigration can be such a long, tiring process! There’s no question that you are in good hands with Lowe & Company!

Antonio Loreto (Italy), President, Duomo Construction, Burnaby, BC


Lowe & Company helped me renew my work permit as well as become a landed immigrant smoothly. I dealt with another Canadian immigration law firm before Lowe & Company, and I could definitely tell the difference between them. When I had questions, Jeffrey’s team answered them, so I had a feeling of safety. They also made me comfortable as a client. Since they specialize in immigration, they were able to explain accurately and in detail about things like landing procedures.

Lowe & Company is very professional and they know what they are doing. One incident was when I went to the border renew my work permit. The border officer told me I couldn’t do it that way, and that it was up to him to decide whether to give the new work permit to me or not. Then I asked him to read the letter that Lowe & Company had prepared. After reading the letter, the border officer apologized to me and gave me my new work permit without further ado. Jeffrey Lowe knows what he is doing!